8th October: FemDomBall 2016 – with you at my side?

I already flirted with the idea of attending Madame Caramel’s FemDomBall last year but some private obligations came up and blocked the date. Looking at the pictures and videos from last year I really deplore that.
Please take a look at the Website to get an impression why I’m so thrilled about this :)

I would love to go this year and meet all these strong and lovely Ladies, have Champagne, laugh and play. But I don’t want to go alone and sadly all the Northern Germany Ladies I would love to take with me are either not into parties, don’t like travelling or are not dominant :D
So here comes your chance: Sponsor my trip to London and be the submissive Gentleman at my side this night.
Sponsoring meens that you will take care of the tickets as much as of my flight and hotel expenses.
Feel free to compare this offer to my usual fees for international escort bookings.
We will celebrate the Ball together and afterwards join the play party.
I will order a most spectacular latex gown for this evening from Isabeau Ouvert.
I’m certain that it will be a marvellous evening with a lot of opportunities to make great memories!
If you want to be the lucky guy at my side while doing so I’m looking forward to you emailing me.

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