New Wishlist – Bye bye Amazon ;)

As many of you know I had a wishlist on Amazon. I always was a bit ambivalent about that because of many reasons: It’s practical because nearly everybody has an Amazon account. On the other hand Amazon isn’t the kind of company I like to support and on top of that a lot of the things I desire (like vegan sweets, latex, BDSM toys, lingerie, LUSH bathing stuff,…) they simply don’t have.
Around christmas I had a lot of trouble with our regional post office because they refused to hand over my parcel because my ID obviously doesn’t say „Miss Leonie“. A very frustrating experience for me and the lovely santa who ordered the gift and now had to deal with the retour procedure.
I tryed to bypass that problem by changing the shipping address to the address of a close friend.
So you can imagine how wonderstruck I was when lately the postman rang at the dungeon door to hand over a book from my wishlist. The fan who bought it filled in the address by hand instead of using the deposed shipping address. It was pure luck that I was there. Usually I’m not at the dungeon that early. So there I stood with a great book facing the same old problem 😀

But a solution came across me some days later.
I had often seen links to a site named Delivery Code at Twitter.
This time I took a closer look and was amazed: On Delivery Code I can add items from nearly every online shop in the world. The buyer picks from my list what he likes and sends the money to Delivery Code. They order it at the shop where it’s listed and send it directly to me.
The buyer doesn’t get my data and I don’t get in touch with his. This way you can stay anonymous if you like to and I can have things send directly to my home address without any fear that a mean post office woman would refuse to hand me the gift you generously chose for me 🙂
You can also send vouchers like you can on Amazon.

My new wishlist on Delivery Code
Here you can find everything from tea and books to corsets and latex 😉

And for everyone who’s curious: This was the book I got 😉

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