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Es gibt ja eine Menge dieser Listen á la “10 Dinge, die du in deinem Leben gesehen haben musst”. Heute kam für mich die Frage auf:
Welche Fetisch-Locations sind so toll, dass man da unbedingt mal gewesen sein muss?
Primär denke ich dabei an BDSM-Apartments und Dominastudios, in die man sich einmieten kann. Aber auch besonders tolle Parties, Geschäfte o.Ä. aus dem Fetischbereich sind als Tipp ganz herzlich willkommen. Beglückt mich mit euren Favoriten! Wo seid ihr besonders gern oder wo wollt ihr unbedingt mal hin?

There are a lot of these “10 things to do before you die” lists. Today following question sprung to my mind:
Which fetish locations are so great that I just need to have seen them?
Primarily I think of BDSM apartments and dungeons for hire but I’m also very happy to hear about awesome parties, fetish shops and things alike.
Delight me with your favourites! Where do you love to be or where would you like to go some day?

Lingerie Madness

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Manchmal fühlt man sich ja vom Leben betrogen – aber zumindest kann man in manchen Fällen noch drüber schmunzeln. So einen Fall hatte ich gestern. Ich bekam eine Email von brands4friends, in der beworben wurde, dass es aktuell Hitachi-Produkte im Sale gibt. Eine Welle der Begeisterung überkam mich, denn natürlich war mein erster (und offen gestanden einziger) Gedanke der Magic Wand. Doch was schaute mich da an, als ich den Link anklickte? Akku-Schrauber und Rasenmäher. AKKUSCHRAUBER UND RASENMÄHER?!
Ich war enttäuscht, nein, geradezu empört! :D
“Nun bin ich schon hier, mal schauen, was sie noch so haben…” dachte ich und klickte auf das Bild mit der Passionata-Unterwäsche.
Ich scrollte ein wenig – und verliebte mich spontan! Smaragdgrüne Satin-Dessous funkelten mich an.
“Na, wahrscheinlich wieder nicht in meiner Größe…” dachte ich.
DOCH! 80G!
Alle Enttäuschung über den nicht vorhandenen Vibrator war vergessen, ich sah mich schon freudig in grünem Satin über Felder und Wiesen hüpfen und dann … dann, stand da “AUSVERKAUFT”.
Neeeeein! Oh Konsumwelt, wie kannst du nur so grausam sein?

… ja, gut, ich neige heute vielleicht ein wenig zur Theatralik ;)
Aber ich finde das Set wirklich großartig, konnte es aber bei einer spontanen Web-Recherche nicht finden. Und hier, liebe Fangemeinde, kommt eure Schwarmintelligenz ins Spiel :D
Ich mache so was ja sonst eher nicht, habe da aber in diesem Fall richtig Lust dazu:
Wer mir das Set (alle 3 Teile) besorgt, bekommt ein exklusives Video von mir in diesen Dessous.
Exklusiv heißt: Niemand sonst wird es zu sehen bekommen.
(BH: 80G, Höschen: 42/44)

Sometimes you feel like life defrauded you. But as long as you can chuckle about it everything is fine ;)
I had such a situation yesterday. I got an email from brands4friends in which they advertised selling Hitachi products right now. Of course my first – and to be honest – only thought was of course the Magic Wand. But when I clicked at the link what did I see? screwdrivers and lawnmowers! SCREWDRIVERS AND LAWNMOWERS?! Oh, screw you, screwdriver!
‘OK, now I’m here anyway. Let’s see what else they got.” I thought and clicked on the picture of the Passionata lingerie. I scrolled I little bit – and fell in love instantly! A set of beautiful emerald green dessous.
‘Surely not in my size as usual…’ I thought.
But NO! Ther it was: 80G! My size! Oh, the happiness!
Forgotten was all the frustration about the missing vibrator!
I saw myself hopping around happily and halfnaked with nothing more than this green satin set!
But there it was: SOLD OUT. Noooooo! Oh, world of consumerism how can you be so cruel?!

Yes, OK, maybe I’m a little overdramatic here ;)
But I’m really enchanted by this set and would love to own it. Sadly my web research didn’t get my anywhere. And here, my lovely fans, your fetishistic hive mind comes into play :D
I usually don’t so this but this time it feels like fun and I’m in the right mood for it:
Whoever gets me that set (all 3 pieces) will get an exclusive clip of me in that dessous set.
Exclusive meens: Noone else will see it.
(bra: 80G, knickers: 42/44)

Goddess Worship – Bathtub & Maid

Ja, ich bin verrückt nach dekadenten Badeorgien! ;)
Dieses Mal habe ich mir die Gesellschaft einer süßen, vollbusigen Zofe gegönnt, die mich verwöhnt. Bemüh dich und dann darfst das nächste Mal vielleicht du im Kleidchen stecken, wenn ich ein Bad nehme…

Yes, I am obsessed with decadent bathing rituals! ;)
This time I treated myself with a lovely busty maid to treat me. If you are a good boy you could be in this dress the next time I take a bath…

Music: Prelude No. 23 by Chris Zabriskie

High Heels Fetish – Teasing Walk in brown Steve Madden Stilettos

Today you can again catch a glimpse of what’s awaiting in my shoe closet.
These ankle strap stilettos were a gift from one of my foot slaves – not completely altruistic I would say ;)
But hasn’t he got a good taste? Really like these shoes because the combine the elegance of high heels with the barefoot look and allow to worship nearly all parts of my feet while still wearing stunning heels!
Once again proof that I have wonderful clients :)

Gifts and Birthday Wishes

Right now I’m feeling extremely spoiled and pampered. This article is a little over due (like said in one of my last articles I’m pretty busy at the moment) but I really don’t want to miss to say it. I was totally amazed by the amount of lovely wishes and thoughtful presents that reached me for my birthday and the weeks after! WOW! Some of them cater for a fetish the giver of the gift and I share, others are purely for my personal delight and some are about shared non-erotic interests. I can’t show all of them but I have chosen a few as representatives. I can’t stress enough how wonderful it feels to have such lovely clients and fans! Thank you very much! :)

Extreme Pain and Pleasure

Usually I am not much of a pain player. In small, evil doses served with a lovely, charming smile – yes. But pain as the focus of a session? That does not happen that often. The reasons for that are different. One of the most important ones may be that I receive a lot of fetishists and roleplayers where the main interest is naturally in an other field than pain. (And that is totally fine! I really like the structure of my clients! ;) ) But I always had a big love for classical corporal punishment and I always prefered long, flexible tools like canes, crops and single tails.

I am very controlled and nobody ever receives more than he or she can stand when booking a session with me. Pushing someone much too far beyond their personal limits is no pleasure to me and as a responsable Domme I would never do that. I don’t tend to breaking my (human) toys ;)
What I can’t deny is that things are getting really interesting when you don’t need to control yourself, when you can let go and can allow yourself to go with the rush, get into real ecstasy and feel this deep fleshly satisfaction… For this kind of encounter I disregard some sore muscles or blistered palms :D But how much sweeter is this joy if I don’t have to deal with such side effects? When a small movement of my wrist is making you wince and when a hit with a little force makes you scream… When I can watch you nearly ripping down my St. Andrews Cross while I am still relaxed and with a lot of energy to go further and further…
That is something that can only happen with of course a lot of trust and a very high pain limit but what it also needs is a good tool. A lovely client most recently brought me all these gifts of obsession.
I now own a beautiful single tail whip mady by Victor Tella.
What should I say? She is such a beauty and the little snapshot really isn’t doing her justice. Just holding this 16-plait snake whip makes me shiver in pure joy and using her… *rawwww* It’s one of the greatest pleasures I ever had regarding corporal punishment.
I am still amazed and can hardly find the right words for that feeling. I know I already said “Thank you” but I think whip cracks do speak louder than words and so maybe I should say “Thank you” again and again and again with just using this beautiful beast… :)

Keep calm, drink tea and play consent

Regarding the fact that the centre of this post is a video in English language I will write about it in English.

Consent behaviour has become a big topic over the last few years and that is a very good thing! The times when sexuality is forced upon you (especially if you are female) slowly fade away as it seems. But still a “No” gets ignored much too often and a “Not-Yes” even more often. This video needs less than 3 minutes to give a perfect metaphor if ones actions are consent or not. I smirked a few times and I prefere serious topics brought to attention with humor :) So: Enjoy it and take a minute to think about it :)

8 Reasons to visit a Professional Dominatrix

I saw this video made by Alexandra Snow on Twitter and she just says everything necessary. By visiting a real ProDomme instead of a pocket money housewife you take good care of yourself.

Eye Candy: Nylon-Video auf YouTube

Im Gegensatz zu manchen Kolleginnen drehe ich ja keine Filme. Bewegte Aufnahmen von mir sind also eher rar. Dieses Wochenende habe ich mir allerdings die Zeit genommen und habe meinen YouTube-Kanal reaktiviert. Füße und Latex in der Badewanne waren wohl eindeutig zu heiß und wurden daraufhin vor einiger Zeit gesperrt… Ich habe aber nicht nur die alten Videos wieder verfügbar gemacht, sondern mir tatsächlich die Zeit genommen, ein neues zu drehen. Technisch weit entfernt von Perfektion, aber das ist ja auch nicht der springende Punkt ;) Ich wollte einfach ein bisschen Nylonlust mit meinen lieben Gästen, Fans und Followern teilen :)
Viel Spaß beim Anschauen!
Und wem das virtuelle Material nicht reicht, der weiß ja, wo er mich findet ;)

A playful and intense experience

Ich habe vor Kurzem diese wunderbare Mail erhalten und möchte sie euch nicht vorenthalte, insbesondere weil es mein erster Sessionbericht auf Englisch ist und ich den Blog ja sonst nur auf Deutsch füttere ;)
I received this lovely mails some time ago and would not miss to share it with you especially because it’s the first session report in English and I usually feed the blog only with German articles.

Hi Miss Leonie

I have had a long drive home and a few days to reflect on my meeting with you and the experience. There is no doubt that i must acknowledge that i have found exactly what i was hoping for in BDSM, really don’t know how i managed to suppress it for that many years, but it was a good decision to finally give into it and allow myself to try it.

Let me briefly describe what i thought and liked about the session :

- Eyes: I actually had a few times where I found it hard to look into your eyes during the session, but I found it to be both comforting and providing me with a feeling that I could trust you in what was about to happen.

- Collar: I actually did not expect much of this, but your way of using it in various situations really set the ground of who was in control, and actually added a lot more to the experience than I would have expected. (not like I was in doubt about who was in control at anytime during the session)

- Rope bondage: This was not a thing I had given any thoughts but I really liked it, maybe it was the combination of feeling tied up by the rope and chained to the bench and unable to move.

- Foot worship: This was one of the main things I wanted to experience, not having tried this before I really did not have any clue what to expect. There is no doubt for me that I have a foot fetish, and I really loved being around your feet.

- Ass worship: This was also one of the main thing I wanted to experience, and did not have any former experience. This was as far as I remember in the last part of the session and I found this very hot, I am sure that there are many more ways to do exactly this fetish, which I must also acknowledge having.

- Don’t look: Now this was extremely hard to follow, I wish I was allowed to see a lot more of you, just trying to say that a huge tease from my perspective could have been looking at every curve and inch of your body, with that said I really liked the way you used this rule for consequences when broken.

- Blindfold: This is in all aspects a dimension for itself, really loved that I had no clue to where you were, how close you were or not being able to see what would happen next and only listen to what you were saying or not saying.

- Making an offer: I liked the part of moving limits based on something you wanted in return of being allowed something I clearly wanted, even though I did not expect this to be a ‘very light’ whipping.

- Tease and denial: I think this was used in a very nice way throughout the session but the one thing i remember the most was feeling the warmth of you ‘so very’ close to my mouth and not be given permission to do anything at all.

- Toys: Both the electro thing and the vibrator ended up being welcome items even though I did not know what to expect of them, and I found it really hot [...]

- Massage: I enjoyed giving this, was a nice sign of trust from your side and a welcome break for me where I could look at you.

Theres a lot of things that i did not mention above, but that does not mean that i did not enjoy them, there was nothing in the session that i disliked, maybe only the fact that 4 hours seemed way to short, but the sore spots on my body tell a different story :)

My experience with you was a very intense one, even though I most of the time was very insecure about what to say, what to answer and giving into experience the details in full, I am guessing that this will require some time getting used to and having the trust to give in during a session.

You had a very sophisticated way of balancing between something I really wanted to experience and adding even more to that, One thing I found extremely intriguing was that moving from a situation where I said something wrong, moved wrong or made a sound if told not to, ended up with a consequence.

At some point you asked me what i was fantasising about, well here I was not entirely honest when I said I was ‘just looking’, and must admit that many thoughts raced through my head, I am sure that you were very well aware of that, but I simply did not dare to say what I was thinking or what to expect if I did.

I have no doubt that I would like to make a new appointment in a not so distant future, if I am welcome to visit you again.

Hope my mail is not inappropriate in any way, the intention with it is all feedback to a truly great experience from my perspective.

Kind regards,