Facebook blocked me because of “nudity”

Facebook blocked me for 24h because I “violated” their policiy on nudity.
“What? Miss Leonie naked?!” you may ask now.
Calm down, no nudie pics :-p
No, obviously we are back in the good old victorian time where I would have understand that this is too hot to show in public. The irritant was the picture below and a few others from the same series.
Damned I’m wearing more clothing than most teenies during summer in the city!

Lingerie – am I a collector or an addict? ;)

Usually lingerie is made for wearing it under your regular clothes. But it can be so beautiful it would be a shame to hide it! Wearing a stunning set of bra, panties, corset, nylons, garters and high heels doesn’t let me feel naked at all. On the contrary: I feel perfectly dressed to do whatever I want! Marylin Monroe said: “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world!”. I agree but as a busty woman I would like to add: “Give her the right bra too!” ;)
As long as I can remember I am in love with fine and extraordinary underwear. My eyes start to sparkle when I see satin and lace, garters and corsets and sometimes I even start to make sounds that one usually makes when seeing a bunch of baby kittens :D
With my natural grown wonders (bra size EU 80G or UK 36F) finding those lingerie babies is not always easy but that makes it even more special when I get a new set. And sometimes I get a little carried away when it comes to lingerie shopping (especially when there is a red sale sign on it *g*) and than it can be like this:

I don’t appreciate requests for naked sessions (even if I get naked sometimes in tease and denial games but that’s a different topic ;) ) but I have no objection to do a session in lingerie. If you would enjoy a dominant encounter with a dressed to kill lady in underwear: Feel free to ask for it! I’m sure there is more than one of you out there appreciating this offer ;)
Also if you would like to see me in a special set or just want to make me happy: Bring it on! Rather than maybe some other ladies I am not offended by giving underwear :)
So far lingerie (as well as pantyhoses) got a little short shrift in my photo shootings but I hope to change that in the upcoming months. Let’s hope I find the time for it! Until then my wishlist gives a nice orientation of what I like.
But I also would like if you, my dear readers, have any kind of preferred undergarments! This question goes to the gentlemen as well as to the ladies I know reading here too! ;)

To finish this article: What would be an article talking about sexy clothing without a little eye candy, hm?
Here we go, enjoy!

Eye Candy: Nylon-Video auf YouTube

Im Gegensatz zu manchen Kolleginnen drehe ich ja keine Filme. Bewegte Aufnahmen von mir sind also eher rar. Dieses Wochenende habe ich mir allerdings die Zeit genommen und habe meinen YouTube-Kanal reaktiviert. Füße und Latex in der Badewanne waren wohl eindeutig zu heiß und wurden daraufhin vor einiger Zeit gesperrt… Ich habe aber nicht nur die alten Videos wieder verfügbar gemacht, sondern mir tatsächlich die Zeit genommen, ein neues zu drehen. Technisch weit entfernt von Perfektion, aber das ist ja auch nicht der springende Punkt ;) Ich wollte einfach ein bisschen Nylonlust mit meinen lieben Gästen, Fans und Followern teilen :)
Viel Spaß beim Anschauen!
Und wem das virtuelle Material nicht reicht, der weiß ja, wo er mich findet ;)