Glitter, Glamour, Garters – Burlesque Babes

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Yes, yes, that are a lot of allitartaions, but hey, it’s all about burlesque, baby! There is no “too much”! ;)
But maybe I should start at the beginning to not leave you completely startled ;)
In the middle of November I will spend a whole week with 3 very close friends (all 3 lovely kinky ladies!) in a gite abroad and there will be glitter in the air because we are attending a burlesque festival. That means our days will be filled with the sound of real nylons, red lipstick, corsets and gloves. All topped with a little champagner and body glitter ;)
Uh, you would love a peek a boo of that, wouldn’t you…?
I’m sure a few pics will find their way to my Twitter account over these days. But the hot details will stay a secret – we are ladies, aren’t we?! Unless of course you become our partner in crime… On my wishlist you can find a lot of burlesque items (dresses, shoes, stockings, lingerie, pasties and so many more).
Everyone who contributes to the glamour of our trip by sending something nice from my list will get on my exclusive mailing list during this week and will be able to enjoy this trip with me, with us, from afar and still be an intimate part of it.
Now it’s up to you to give in to you curiosity or stay all too curious forever… ;)

Goddess Worship – Bathtub & Maid

Ja, ich bin verrückt nach dekadenten Badeorgien! ;)
Dieses Mal habe ich mir die Gesellschaft einer süßen, vollbusigen Zofe gegönnt, die mich verwöhnt. Bemüh dich und dann darfst das nächste Mal vielleicht du im Kleidchen stecken, wenn ich ein Bad nehme…

Yes, I am obsessed with decadent bathing rituals! ;)
This time I treated myself with a lovely busty maid to treat me. If you are a good boy you could be in this dress the next time I take a bath…

Music: Prelude No. 23 by Chris Zabriskie