A playful and intense experience

Ich habe vor Kurzem diese wunderbare Mail erhalten und möchte sie euch nicht vorenthalte, insbesondere weil es mein erster Sessionbericht auf Englisch ist und ich den Blog ja sonst nur auf Deutsch füttere 😉
I received this lovely mails some time ago and would not miss to share it with you especially because it’s the first session report in English and I usually feed the blog only with German articles.

Hi Miss Leonie

I have had a long drive home and a few days to reflect on my meeting with you and the experience. There is no doubt that i must acknowledge that i have found exactly what i was hoping for in BDSM, really don’t know how i managed to suppress it for that many years, but it was a good decision to finally give into it and allow myself to try it.

Let me briefly describe what i thought and liked about the session :

– Eyes: I actually had a few times where I found it hard to look into your eyes during the session, but I found it to be both comforting and providing me with a feeling that I could trust you in what was about to happen.

– Collar: I actually did not expect much of this, but your way of using it in various situations really set the ground of who was in control, and actually added a lot more to the experience than I would have expected. (not like I was in doubt about who was in control at anytime during the session)

– Rope bondage: This was not a thing I had given any thoughts but I really liked it, maybe it was the combination of feeling tied up by the rope and chained to the bench and unable to move.

– Foot worship: This was one of the main things I wanted to experience, not having tried this before I really did not have any clue what to expect. There is no doubt for me that I have a foot fetish, and I really loved being around your feet.

– Ass worship: This was also one of the main thing I wanted to experience, and did not have any former experience. This was as far as I remember in the last part of the session and I found this very hot, I am sure that there are many more ways to do exactly this fetish, which I must also acknowledge having.

– Don’t look: Now this was extremely hard to follow, I wish I was allowed to see a lot more of you, just trying to say that a huge tease from my perspective could have been looking at every curve and inch of your body, with that said I really liked the way you used this rule for consequences when broken.

– Blindfold: This is in all aspects a dimension for itself, really loved that I had no clue to where you were, how close you were or not being able to see what would happen next and only listen to what you were saying or not saying.

– Making an offer: I liked the part of moving limits based on something you wanted in return of being allowed something I clearly wanted, even though I did not expect this to be a ‚very light‘ whipping.

– Tease and denial: I think this was used in a very nice way throughout the session but the one thing i remember the most was feeling the warmth of you ’so very‘ close to my mouth and not be given permission to do anything at all.

– Toys: Both the electro thing and the vibrator ended up being welcome items even though I did not know what to expect of them, and I found it really hot […]

– Massage: I enjoyed giving this, was a nice sign of trust from your side and a welcome break for me where I could look at you.

Theres a lot of things that i did not mention above, but that does not mean that i did not enjoy them, there was nothing in the session that i disliked, maybe only the fact that 4 hours seemed way to short, but the sore spots on my body tell a different story 🙂

My experience with you was a very intense one, even though I most of the time was very insecure about what to say, what to answer and giving into experience the details in full, I am guessing that this will require some time getting used to and having the trust to give in during a session.

You had a very sophisticated way of balancing between something I really wanted to experience and adding even more to that, One thing I found extremely intriguing was that moving from a situation where I said something wrong, moved wrong or made a sound if told not to, ended up with a consequence.

At some point you asked me what i was fantasising about, well here I was not entirely honest when I said I was ‚just looking‘, and must admit that many thoughts raced through my head, I am sure that you were very well aware of that, but I simply did not dare to say what I was thinking or what to expect if I did.

I have no doubt that I would like to make a new appointment in a not so distant future, if I am welcome to visit you again.

Hope my mail is not inappropriate in any way, the intention with it is all feedback to a truly great experience from my perspective.

Kind regards,


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