Info: Anfragen via Email und Telefon

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Einige von euch haben es sicher schon bemerkt, aber für alle anderen hier nochmal der offizielle Hinweis:

Ich bin mittlerweile nur noch schwer telefonisch zu erreichen.
Wenn du direkt mit mir sprechen möchtest, um einen persönlichen Eindruck zu bekommen, darfst du natürlich nach wie vor gern anrufen. Die besten Chancen, dass ich tatsächlich rangehe, hast du unter der Woche zwischen 20:00 und 22:00 oder aber am Wochenende.

Deshalb bevorzuge ich aktuell die Kontaktaufnahme via Email. Meine Mails kann ich immer und überall lesen. Beantworten werde ich sie in der Regel am Abend, wenn es um zeitnahe Termine geht oder ganz entspannt am Wochenende, wenn der angefragte Termin noch etwas weiter entfernt ist.

Auch meine Zeiten für mögliche Sessions haben sich verändert:
Mo – Fr ab 18:30
Sa & So ganztägig, Mindestbuchungszeit 2 Std.

Termine müssen mindestens einen Tag vorher vereinbart und ggf. angezahlt werden.

Many of you guys already noticed but for everyone else here comes the official info:

It is very hard to reach me via telephone these days.
If you would like to talk to me to get a good personal impression feel free to call! To have a good chance that I’ll pick up the phone try it during between 20:00 and 22:00 during the week or wait until the weekend.

I prefer enquiries via email at the moment because I can read my mails everywhere and everytime. Usually I I’ll respond in the evening when you ask for for an appointment on a relatively short notice. If your desired date is somewhat farer away I’ll probably take time for it during the weekend.

Also the possible time for sessions changed:

Mo – Fr not before 18:30
Sa & So the whole day, minimum booking time 2 hours

Appointments must be arranged at least one day in advance. Also a possible deposit must have reached me at least one day before our appointment.

Kinky Impressions of Hotel Sessions

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Nachdem ich mich entschieden habe, mich aus der Studiolandschaft zurückzuziehen und nur noch völlig unabhängig “on location” in (vornehmlich) Hotels zu spielen, hat mich eine Menge positives Feedback erreicht und ich bin sehr dankbar für diese Rückmeldungen und das in mich gelegte Vertrauen!
Heute gewähre ich einen kleinen Blick durch’s Schlüsselloch der Hoteltür, um euch einen Eindruck zu geben, wie so ein Fetisch-Escort im Hotel aussehen kann.
Natürlich ersetzen Bilder niemals das Erleben ;)

I got a lot of positive feedback for my decision to draw back from working at a dungeon and being fully independent and doing sessions on location in hotels and fetish locations. I thank you all for that feeeback and the trust!
Today I will gift you with a little glimpse behind the hotel doors to give you a taste of how a fetish escort session may look like.
Of course pictures can’t substitute the experience ;)

Kinky Places Worldwide

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Es gibt ja eine Menge dieser Listen á la “10 Dinge, die du in deinem Leben gesehen haben musst”. Heute kam für mich die Frage auf:
Welche Fetisch-Locations sind so toll, dass man da unbedingt mal gewesen sein muss?
Primär denke ich dabei an BDSM-Apartments und Dominastudios, in die man sich einmieten kann. Aber auch besonders tolle Parties, Geschäfte o.Ä. aus dem Fetischbereich sind als Tipp ganz herzlich willkommen. Beglückt mich mit euren Favoriten! Wo seid ihr besonders gern oder wo wollt ihr unbedingt mal hin?

There are a lot of these “10 things to do before you die” lists. Today following question sprung to my mind:
Which fetish locations are so great that I just need to have seen them?
Primarily I think of BDSM apartments and dungeons for hire but I’m also very happy to hear about awesome parties, fetish shops and things alike.
Delight me with your favourites! Where do you love to be or where would you like to go some day?

Just some stuff for being a naughty doctor…

I guess my postman starts wondering why I get so many big and heavy packages :D
Today I restocked some of the bare necessities for playing safe and clean while being very dirty ;)

Eletro therapy with TENS stimulation; irrigator, enemas and rectal catheders for anal preparations; sterile lube for urethal sound play, some basics like tape and one-way sheets and some face masks just because I love the look of them! :)
I have an entire rack at home where I hoard expendable items like the the mentioned above, NaCl infusions, different gloves, needles and much more. I can easily turn your hotel room into a bizarre healthcare centre! :D

New Year’s News 2017

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Ich hoffe, ihr hattet alle wunderbare Feiertage und seid gut ins neue Jahr gekommen!
Das vergangene Jahr war gefüllt mit vielen spannenden und intensiven Begegnungen, aber auch mit Veränderungen und Umbrüchen und so geht auch das neue Jahr mit einigen Veränderungen los:
Die Tätigkeit im Studio nimmt zwar einen wichtigen Platz in meinem Leben ein, ist aber beileibe nicht mein einziges Projekt. Neben Sessions außerhalb des Studios und dem Posieren für (Fetisch)Fotos gibt es auch noch einige andere Dinge, denen ich mich widme. Um allen Dingen, die mir wichtig sind, gerecht werden zu können, werde ich keine festen Anwesenheitszeiten im Studio mehr anbieten. Sessions sind ab sofort nur noch nach konkreter Terminvereinbarung und mit einer Vorlaufzeit von mindestens 3 Stunden möglich.
So kann ich mich entspannt und mit Freude jeder einzelnen Session widmen, statt mit meiner Zeit jonglieren zu müssen :)
Grundsätzlich sind Sessions an jedem Tag der Woche möglich, wenn mein Terminplan es zulässt. Nach wie vor bin ich nicht für Termine am Vormittag zu begeistern, dafür umso mehr für Langzeiten.

I hope you all spent wonderful holidays and had a great start into great 2017!
The last year was filled with lots of exciting and intense encounters but also with a lot of changes and transistions and so the new year also begins with some changes:
My work at the studio is an important part of my life but by far not my only project. Apart from sessions outside the studio and (fetish) modelling I have some other things I dedicate my time and attention to. To be able to match up to all the things important to me I will no longer offer regular visiting hours at the studio. From now on I will only be there for concrete appointments. Appointments must be arranged at least 3 hours in advance.
This way I can enjoy relaxed sessions instead of juggling with my time :)
In general session are possible everyday as far as my schedule allows it. You still can’t enthuse me for forenoon appointments but a fortiori for longterm sessions.

Glitter, Glamour, Garters – Burlesque Babes

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Yes, yes, that are a lot of allitartaions, but hey, it’s all about burlesque, baby! There is no “too much”! ;)
But maybe I should start at the beginning to not leave you completely startled ;)
In the middle of November I will spend a whole week with 3 very close friends (all 3 lovely kinky ladies!) in a gite abroad and there will be glitter in the air because we are attending a burlesque festival. That means our days will be filled with the sound of real nylons, red lipstick, corsets and gloves. All topped with a little champagner and body glitter ;)
Uh, you would love a peek a boo of that, wouldn’t you…?
I’m sure a few pics will find their way to my Twitter account over these days. But the hot details will stay a secret – we are ladies, aren’t we?! Unless of course you become our partner in crime… On my wishlist you can find a lot of burlesque items (dresses, shoes, stockings, lingerie, pasties and so many more).
Everyone who contributes to the glamour of our trip by sending something nice from my list will get on my exclusive mailing list during this week and will be able to enjoy this trip with me, with us, from afar and still be an intimate part of it.
Now it’s up to you to give in to you curiosity or stay all too curious forever… ;)

What’s your favourite type of play?

Someone asked “What’s your favourite kind of play?” in the ProDomme group on Fetlife and I considered it would be nice to publish my answer here as well:

There are many practices I enjoy but what makes me really enjoy a session is a certain kind of feeling, a connection with my client. To know that I am the centre of his universe right now, to see him shiver when I run a finger down his spine, to see little pearls of sweat on his forehead just because I gave him this special evil smile…
When I have this connection with someone even things that are not that high on my personal kink list can thrill me a lot. E.g. recently I deepthroated one of my regulars with a huge strapon. Usually I don’t like that chooking and gagging stuff and wouldn’t think of doing that but in that moment it was absolutely great!

I am much more of a dominant than a sadist. Nevertheless I totally agree with goddessofevil: I love getting a reaction! Nothing is more dull than hitting and teasing your ass off and not getting a reaction.

But of course there are some concrete things I always enjoy:
- Tease & Denial
- Foot & Nylon Fetish
- Latex
- Bondage
- Impact Play (especially canes & single tails)
- Goddess Worship

If you like to follow the full discussion you can find it here.

Social Media Delights and Disgust

Good and bad are so close sometimes!

Lately I signed up to Whiplr (you will find me listed as an Elite soon) and to no ones surprise got showered with nude photos.
I’m now approaching a creative way to react to them: I respond with unicorn pictures. Why should these dudes feel less irritated than me? ;)

On the other hand I got one of the most lovely comments on one of my pictures on Twitter .

I am a huge Disney fan (yepp, more nerdy revelations ;) ) and the redheaded, curious, knowledge seeking mermaid was always one of my favourites. So this comment brought a wide smile to my face and absoloutely made my day!

New Wishlist – Bye bye Amazon ;)

As many of you know I had a wishlist on Amazon. I always was a bit ambivalent about that because of many reasons: It’s practical because nearly everybody has an Amazon account. On the other hand Amazon isn’t the kind of company I like to support and on top of that a lot of the things I desire (like vegan sweets, latex, BDSM toys, lingerie, LUSH bathing stuff,…) they simply don’t have.
Around christmas I had a lot of trouble with our regional post office because they refused to hand over my parcel because my ID obviously doesn’t say “Miss Leonie”. A very frustrating experience for me and the lovely santa who ordered the gift and now had to deal with the retour procedure.
I tryed to bypass that problem by changing the shipping address to the address of a close friend.
So you can imagine how wonderstruck I was when lately the postman rang at the dungeon door to hand over a book from my wishlist. The fan who bought it filled in the address by hand instead of using the deposed shipping address. It was pure luck that I was there. Usually I’m not at the dungeon that early. So there I stood with a great book facing the same old problem :D

But a solution came across me some days later.
I had often seen links to a site named Delivery Code at Twitter.
This time I took a closer look and was amazed: On Delivery Code I can add items from nearly every online shop in the world. The buyer picks from my list what he likes and sends the money to Delivery Code. They order it at the shop where it’s listed and send it directly to me.
The buyer doesn’t get my data and I don’t get in touch with his. This way you can stay anonymous if you like to and I can have things send directly to my home address without any fear that a mean post office woman would refuse to hand me the gift you generously chose for me :)
You can also send vouchers like you can on Amazon.

My new wishlist on Delivery Code
Here you can find everything from tea and books to corsets and latex ;)

If you still feel the urge to send me a surprise not listed there:
Please address it to “Leonie Meyer”.
The chances that this really reaches me are at least far better than something like “Miss Leonie HH” ;)

And for everyone who’s curious: This was the book I got ;)

8th October: FemDomBall 2016 – with you at my side?

I already flirted with the idea of attending Madame Caramel’s FemDomBall last year but some private obligations came up and blocked the date. Looking at the pictures and videos from last year I really deplore that.
Please take a look at the Website to get an impression why I’m so thrilled about this :)

I would love to go this year and meet all these strong and lovely Ladies, have Champagne, laugh and play. But I don’t want to go alone and sadly all the Northern Germany Ladies I would love to take with me are either not into parties, don’t like travelling or are not dominant :D
So here comes your chance: Sponsor my trip to London and be the submissive Gentleman at my side this night.
Sponsoring meens that you will take care of the tickets as much as of my flight and hotel expenses.
Feel free to compare this offer to my usual fees for international escort bookings.
We will celebrate the Ball together and afterwards join the play party.
I will order a most spectacular latex gown for this evening from Isabeau Ouvert.
I’m certain that it will be a marvellous evening with a lot of opportunities to make great memories!
If you want to be the lucky guy at my side while doing so I’m looking forward to you emailing me.