WANTED: London Slaves 2.10. – 7.10.2019

I’m immensely happy to attend Madame Caramel’s FemDomBall this year. As it has been far too long since I last visited London I decided to add a few days of vacation to it. This is a rare chance for lifestyle subs who really want to serve:

  • Entertain me in the evening: fine dinner, a fancy cocktail bar, the theater, …? Be creative and make sure we will share fond memories of this evening.
  • Take me shopping: Oxford Street or Knightsbridge? Maybe more intimate places like What Katie Did, House of Harlot or lingerie boutiques? You will be my perfect assistant helping me with zippers and laces, giving your opinion when asked and of course picking up not only the bags but also the bills.
  • Breakfast Boy: A tall vanilla latte with soy milk and a pinch of cinnamon. Accompanied by a vegan sandwich or some vegan pastry. I will tell you a time and place where you will wait for me and hand me my to-go breakfast to start a fabulous day of kink and culture.
  • The Human ATM: You are no good at serving physically but you get so damn hard by the idea of handing me your hard earned cash? Then you may apply for a public cash meet.
  • Foot massages after a long day: I love exploring cities by foot. And my feet hate me for it! 😀 You may tend to my feet and legs and help me relax after an exciting day.

I’m on vacation that meens I will not offer regular paid sessions. You want to seize the chance of serving a naturally dominant lady in her private time? Then apply via email with your intended way of serving, your availability and the subject „London Slave 2019“.

photo: Fotorella Berlin, servant: Honey Magnolia

There is also a chance for those who love the exquisite smell of a Goddess. You may buy my worn, probably sweaty intimates:

  • Available: panties, socks, pantyhoses, t-shirts.
  • Apply early as there is a natural limitation of how many items I will wear during the week 😉
  • Special requests can be made until 29.9.2019.
  • I can seal them airtight and ship them to you or you might receive them from my hands personally.
  • Prices start at 50 GBP/EUR per item and 75 GBP/EUR for a pick up meeting.

Requests may be sent via email with the subject line „Intimates of London 2019“ and include your desired item(s) and preferred way of delivery – inkl. availability if you want to meet in person.

photo: Fotorella Berlin

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