2019: My 30th Birthday

About two weeks ago I turned 30 and I want to take this oppurtunity to thank all the lovely people who thought of me, spoiled and accompanied me over the last year(s). It’s a treat to know you all, my dear kinksters and submissives, my devouted slaves and my supporting fans! <3

And of course I can’t resist to share some of the lovely presents I received, like …

  • the historic riding whips from my pain slut
  • the vibrating geisha balls from my cuckolded rubber slave
  • the voucher for two custom made whips
  • jewelery
  • stockings
  • flowers
  • perfume
  • many things more, but above all: A ton of love from wonderful people <3

By the way: Society keeps on suggesting to women that they should panic when turning 30: getting baby fever, buying tons of anti-aging serums or cleaning the stairs of the townhall (a weird rite from Northern Germany that never quite understood …) and of course that we will „age out of sexwork“.

Well, what shall I say? Bullshit! I have never been happier with my live and my career than I am now and for no money in the world I would like to be 20 again 😀 So ladies, keep calm and keep on being fabulous! Life gets even sweeter when you get older <3

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