2019: My 30th Birthday

About two weeks ago I turned 30 and I want to take this oppurtunity to thank all the lovely people who thought of me, spoiled and accompanied me over the last year(s). It’s a treat to know you all, my dear kinksters and submissives, my devouted slaves and my supporting fans! <3

And of course I can’t resist to share some of the lovely presents I received, like …

  • the historic riding whips from my pain slut
  • the vibrating geisha balls from my cuckolded rubber slave
  • the voucher for two custom made whips
  • jewelery
  • stockings
  • flowers
  • perfume
  • many things more, but above all: A ton of love from wonderful people <3

By the way: Society keeps on suggesting to women that they should panic when turning 30: getting baby fever, buying tons of anti-aging serums or cleaning the stairs of the townhall (a weird rite from Northern Germany that never quite understood …) and of course that we will „age out of sexwork“.

Well, what shall I say? Bullshit! I have never been happier with my live and my career than I am now and for no money in the world I would like to be 20 again 😀 So ladies, keep calm and keep on being fabulous! Life gets even sweeter when you get older <3

From dawn till Dawn

Last weekends shooting started pretty early in the morning and it was a very long day. Our last set was me in the white latex legging, the black latex corset, long white latex gloves and kneehigh plateau boots. Uh and the little latex collar and tie of course!
When I was all dressed up and looked in the mirror I spontanously thought: „OMG, I am Dawn!“
Am I the only one seeing the dawnesque touch here? *g*
For all who don’t know who am I talking about: M. Linsner’s Dawn

Latex: Isabeau Ouvert
Whip: Victor Tella

Extreme Pain and Pleasure

Usually I am not much of a pain player. In small, evil doses served with a lovely, charming smile – yes. But pain as the focus of a session? That does not happen that often. The reasons for that are different. One of the most important ones may be that I receive a lot of fetishists and roleplayers where the main interest is naturally in an other field than pain. (And that is totally fine! I really like the structure of my clients! 😉 ) But I always had a big love for classical corporal punishment and I always prefered long, flexible tools like canes, crops and single tails.

I am very controlled and nobody ever receives more than he or she can stand when booking a session with me. Pushing someone much too far beyond their personal limits is no pleasure to me and as a responsable Domme I would never do that. I don’t tend to breaking my (human) toys 😉
What I can’t deny is that things are getting really interesting when you don’t need to control yourself, when you can let go and can allow yourself to go with the rush, get into real ecstasy and feel this deep fleshly satisfaction… For this kind of encounter I disregard some sore muscles or blistered palms 😀 But how much sweeter is this joy if I don’t have to deal with such side effects? When a small movement of my wrist is making you wince and when a hit with a little force makes you scream… When I can watch you nearly ripping down my St. Andrews Cross while I am still relaxed and with a lot of energy to go further and further…
That is something that can only happen with of course a lot of trust and a very high pain limit but what it also needs is a good tool. A lovely client most recently brought me all these gifts of obsession.
I now own a beautiful single tail whip mady by Victor Tella.
What should I say? She is such a beauty and the little snapshot really isn’t doing her justice. Just holding this 16-plait snake whip makes me shiver in pure joy and using her… *rawwww* It’s one of the greatest pleasures I ever had regarding corporal punishment.
I am still amazed and can hardly find the right words for that feeling. I know I already said „Thank you“ but I think whip cracks do speak louder than words and so maybe I should say „Thank you“ again and again and again with just using this beautiful beast… 🙂