2019: My 30th Birthday

About two weeks ago I turned 30 and I want to take this oppurtunity to thank all the lovely people who thought of me, spoiled and accompanied me over the last year(s). It’s a treat to know you all, my dear kinksters and submissives, my devouted slaves and my supporting fans! <3

And of course I can’t resist to share some of the lovely presents I received, like …

  • the historic riding whips from my pain slut
  • the vibrating geisha balls from my cuckolded rubber slave
  • the voucher for two custom made whips
  • jewelery
  • stockings
  • flowers
  • perfume
  • many things more, but above all: A ton of love from wonderful people <3

By the way: Society keeps on suggesting to women that they should panic when turning 30: getting baby fever, buying tons of anti-aging serums or cleaning the stairs of the townhall (a weird rite from Northern Germany that never quite understood …) and of course that we will „age out of sexwork“.

Well, what shall I say? Bullshit! I have never been happier with my live and my career than I am now and for no money in the world I would like to be 20 again 😀 So ladies, keep calm and keep on being fabulous! Life gets even sweeter when you get older <3

Happy 29th Birthday to me!

[English version below the picture]

Ja, ich bin wieder ein bisschen spät dran und warum ist eigentlich schon wieder September?! Himmel, wenn die Zeit weiterhin so rennt, muss ich wohl bald mein Weihnachtsshooting planen! Aber zurück zu Thema: Ich hatte Geburtstag! Hooray! Und viele meiner wunderbaren Gäste, Verehrer und Freunde aus der Fetischszene haben am 19. August daran gedacht! Dafür will ich hier einfach Danke sagen! Und ganz nebenbei eine kleine Auswahl der tollen Geschenke zeigen, die ich so bekommen habe. Ich habe mich über jedes einzelne sehr gefreut! <3 <3 <3

Ein ganz besonderes Dankeschön geht an J., den perfekten devoten Gentleman, der mich am Vorabend meines Geburtstags zum Sushi-Schlemmen und Fetisch-Shopping ausgeführt hat – inkl. anschließendem Ausprobieren der neuen Errungenschaften, sodass mein Geburtstag im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes mit einem Höhepunkt begann 😉

Auf dem Bild unten zu sehen:

  • Headpiece und Pin-up-Ohrstecker von Obscene Store Kiel
  • Dessous von Fantasie und Curvy Kate
  • Cockring mit Spikes und Magnetkugeln für schmerzhaft-schöne Momente
  • Sekt zum Anstoßen
  • Badesachen von LUSH
  • Buch über eine Frau, die sich nicht den Mund verbieten lässt
  • Comicband von Eric Stanton
  • Bling-Bling-Ohrstecker von Thomas Sabo
  • 2 Kimonos: einer für die Sauna, einer für’s Schlafzimmer 😉

Yes, yes as always I’m a bit late and why the hell is it September already?! Gosh if time keeps running like that I better start planning my Xmas shoot! But back to the topic ahead: It was my birthday! Hooray! And a lot of my lovely clients, slaves, admirers and friends from the fetish scene thought of it on this 19th August. I just wanted to say „Thank you!“ for that! And of course show you all some of the awesome gifts I received <3 <3 <3

A very special thanks goes to J., they perfect submissive gentleman who took me out for sushi and fetish shopping the night before – including testing the newly bought things so my birthday could literally start with a climax 😉

What you can see in the picture above includes:

  • headpiece and pin-up ear rings by Obscene Store Kiel
  • lingerie by Fantasie and Curvy Kate
  • cockring with spikes and magnets for painful joys
  • something bubbly to say cheers
  • something to make my bathtub cheerfully bubbly by LUSH
  • a book about a woman who refuses to shut up
  • coffee-table book by Eric Stanton
  • bling bling ear rings by Thomas Sabo
  • 2 kimonos: 1 for the sauna, 1 for the bedroom 😉

Gifts and Birthday Wishes

Right now I’m feeling extremely spoiled and pampered. This article is a little over due (like said in one of my last articles I’m pretty busy at the moment) but I really don’t want to miss to say it. I was totally amazed by the amount of lovely wishes and thoughtful presents that reached me for my birthday and the weeks after! WOW! Some of them cater for a fetish the giver of the gift and I share, others are purely for my personal delight and some are about shared non-erotic interests. I can’t show all of them but I have chosen a few as representatives. I can’t stress enough how wonderful it feels to have such lovely clients and fans! Thank you very much! 🙂