10 Moments of a Good Sub

I very often hear: „I wanna be a good sub!“ and I got asked quite a few times: „What’s a good sub to you?“. You should always ask that question when entering a bdsm relationship because it is very, very different what different people consider to be a „good sub“. To an irritating high percentage of men „being a good sub“ seems to mean getting fucked with a strap-on and licking cum from boots. For me this has nothing to do with being submissive but with a certain kind of kink – but that’s a topic for another day.

I don’t want to write a guideline on how to become the perfect sub because there is no such thing. Not in general, not even specifically attuned to me. Every person is different and has his/her own way of servitude. And that is a beautiful thing because it allows for such different dynamics to develop and I enjoy this variety alot.

What I want to do is sharing some moments when my dominant heart was full of joy because of my submissives. This might give you a hint of what virtues I value in my play partners.

black lipstick on a male chest

1. He wouldn’t dare to order a steak when going out with his vegan Mistress.

2. I found a printed guide book on How to brew tea? on his desk. „But you don’t drink tea“ I said wondering. „No. But you do. And therefore I need to know how to prepare it for you.“

3. He just pleasured me excessively. Satisfied and happy I tease him a bit about not having an orgasm himself. Without a moment of hesitation and with the most innocent face he looks at me: „You just came on my face. What more could I possibly want?“

4. He’s my unicorn.

5. We had an intense prolonged weekend together. We both wanted to play, play, play. And we did. At some point during this weekend he suggested that I could sit down on the patio for a moment. He tucked me into a blanked, stuffed a pillow under my legs and brought me a cup of tea. I fell asleep even before the tea reached drinking temperature. He saw what I needed even before I did – and took care of it when he just as easily could have engaged in more kinky play with me.

6. For the first time in over 10 years he took off his beard.

7. He disagreed with me and told me so – even though he had to fear negative consequences. That took courage and showed backbone.

8. He sent me nudes. No, usually that is no indication for being a good whatever! But: He was half a world away with very limited resources. I asked him for something sexy to delight me. As a rubber fetishist he feels even more exposed than average people when being completely naked. But he did it. And he did it well.

9. The first time I invited him to accompany me to an event he frantically went into a shopping spree because he naturally considered himself my accessory and wouldn’t risk to disgrace me by not looking good enough by my side.

10. He said: „Do to me whatever you want.“ and really meant it. Full trust without any limitations.

How could I not be happy to have these men in my life? 🙂


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