Gifts and Birthday Wishes

Right now I’m feeling extremely spoiled and pampered. This article is a little over due (like said in one of my last articles I’m pretty busy at the moment) but I really don’t want to miss to say it. I was totally amazed by the amount of lovely wishes and thoughtful presents that reached me for my birthday and the weeks after! WOW! Some of them cater for a fetish the giver of the gift and I share, others are purely for my personal delight and some are about shared non-erotic interests. I can’t show all of them but I have chosen a few as representatives. I can’t stress enough how wonderful it feels to have such lovely clients and fans! Thank you very much! 🙂

Lingerie – am I a collector or an addict? ;)

Usually lingerie is made for wearing it under your regular clothes. But it can be so beautiful it would be a shame to hide it! Wearing a stunning set of bra, panties, corset, nylons, garters and high heels doesn’t let me feel naked at all. On the contrary: I feel perfectly dressed to do whatever I want! Marylin Monroe said: „Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world!“. I agree but as a busty woman I would like to add: „Give her the right bra too!“ 😉
As long as I can remember I am in love with fine and extraordinary underwear. My eyes start to sparkle when I see satin and lace, garters and corsets and sometimes I even start to make sounds that one usually makes when seeing a bunch of baby kittens 😀
With my natural grown wonders (bra size EU 80G or UK 36F) finding those lingerie babies is not always easy but that makes it even more special when I get a new set. And sometimes I get a little carried away when it comes to lingerie shopping (especially when there is a red sale sign on it *g*) and than it can be like this:

I don’t appreciate requests for naked sessions (even if I get naked sometimes in tease and denial games but that’s a different topic 😉 ) but I have no objection to do a session in lingerie. If you would enjoy a dominant encounter with a dressed to kill lady in underwear: Feel free to ask for it! I’m sure there is more than one of you out there appreciating this offer 😉
Also if you would like to see me in a special set or just want to make me happy: Bring it on! Rather than maybe some other ladies I am not offended by giving underwear 🙂
So far lingerie (as well as pantyhoses) got a little short shrift in my photo shootings but I hope to change that in the upcoming months. Let’s hope I find the time for it! Until then my wishlist gives a nice orientation of what I like.
But I also would like if you, my dear readers, have any kind of preferred undergarments! This question goes to the gentlemen as well as to the ladies I know reading here too! 😉

To finish this article: What would be an article talking about sexy clothing without a little eye candy, hm?
Here we go, enjoy!

Nylon-Handschuhe á la Dita

Ich habe mich gestern spontan und unsterblich verliebt:

Zu haben sind diese wunderschönen Teile übrigens hier für einen stolzen Preis von 235$.

Ich versuche dann jetzt erstmal, meine Schnappatmung unter Kontrolle zu bringen *lach*

Falls mal jemand wissen möchte, wie eine Domina klingt, wenn sie vor Freude quietscht, dann wären diese Handschuhe eine gute Möglichkeit 😀 😀 😀