Just some stuff for being a naughty doctor…

I guess my postman starts wondering why I get so many big and heavy packages :D
Today I restocked some of the bare necessities for playing safe and clean while being very dirty ;)

Eletro therapy with TENS stimulation; irrigator, enemas and rectal catheders for anal preparations; sterile lube for urethal sound play, some basics like tape and one-way sheets and some face masks just because I love the look of them! :)
I have an entire rack at home where I hoard expendable items like the the mentioned above, NaCl infusions, different gloves, needles and much more. I can easily turn your hotel room into a bizarre healthcare centre! :D

Neues Spielzeug: Vac-U-Lock Strapon-System

Einen guten Strapon-Harness zu finden, ist ja eine Kunst für sich. Dann auch noch gute Dildos zu finden, die Spaß bringen, macht es nicht leichter. Es gibt aber ein Sytsem, das ich vor ein paar Jahren bei der wunderbaren Madame Zarah entdeckt habe und mir damals öfter mal für meine Sessions stibitzen durfte: Vac-U-Lock by Doc Johnson.
Nun konnte ich nicht länger widerstehen und habe mir das System selbst angeschafft :)

Zunächst mit ein paar kleineren und durchschnittlichen Modellen, aber ich liebäugle schon sehr mit einigen der “Monster”, die es noch so gibt und weiß ja bereits aus eigener Erfahrung, dass die verdammt viel Spaß bringen – sowohl beim Pegging als auch bei Blowjob- und Deepthroat-Übungen für angehende Schlampen in Ausbildung… *schmunzel*
Falls jemand sich und mich mit einem der anderen Modelle beglücken möchte, sind sie auf meiner Wunschliste oder in verschiedenen Onlineshops zu finden. Es gibt auch ein unveröffentlichtes Latex-Strapon-Teasing-Video von mir, das u.U. als Dankeschön seinen Weg zum Schenker finden könnte… ;)
Ich freue mich auf jeden Fall schon auf’s Benutzen und kann nur sagen: Bang, bang, bangedibang… ;)

Help! I need your nipples!

Für die deutsche Version einfach zum Text unter dem Bild springen :)

Guys, I need your help!
For a construction I need to know how far away the average male nipple is from the shoulder.
If you want to help me, here is how:
1) Grab a tapeline. (Don’t try it with a ruler – it won’t work!)
2) Put the Zero on your nipple.
3) Go straight up to your shoulder until the point where are usually the seams of your T-shirt.
4) Read the scale.

That’s it!
Now just send me the measurement and don’t forget to mention if it is inch or cm. Please also tell me how tall you are and if you are more a skinny/athletic type, a normal guy with a bit of tummy or a clear plus size.
It will help me a lot if you do this for me! :)

Jungs, ich brauche eure Hilfe!
FÜr eine bestimmte Konstruktion muss ich wissen, wie weit der durchschnittliche männliche Nippel von der Schulter entfernt ist.
Wenn du mir helfen möchtest, so geht’s:
1) Schnapp dir ein Maßband. (Versuch es nicht mit einem Lineal, das wird nichts!)
2) Leg die Null auf deinen Nippel.
3) Gehe gerade noch oben zur Schulter bis zu der Stelle, an der gewöhnlich die T-Shirt-Naht sitzt.
4) Lies die Zahl ab.

Das war’s!
Jetzt schick mir einfach die Zahl und verrate mir bitte noch, wie groß du bist und ob du eher der sportlich-schlanke Typ bist, ein Durchschnittsmann mit ein bisschen Bauch oder eine richtige Übergröße.
Es würde mir sehr helfen, wenn ihr das für mich macht! :)

Sexy Surprises at Midnight: Wominzer Masturbator

I just came home, opened my email inbox and… wow, someone really made my evening! <3
I wanted a Womanizer for a very long time and even if I have to wait a few days until it’s shipped I’m already pretty excited! ;)
I can’t wait to try it!
I’m feeling so perfectly spoiled right now <3
Why isn’t there midnight express delivery?! :D I want to try it NOW! :D :D :D

Someone really earned a special reward today *g*

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about: It’s a high-end ladies sextoy!
—> www.womanizer.com

If you like to know what else makes me happy you can take a look here:

New Wishlist – Bye bye Amazon ;)

As many of you know I had a wishlist on Amazon. I always was a bit ambivalent about that because of many reasons: It’s practical because nearly everybody has an Amazon account. On the other hand Amazon isn’t the kind of company I like to support and on top of that a lot of the things I desire (like vegan sweets, latex, BDSM toys, lingerie, LUSH bathing stuff,…) they simply don’t have.
Around christmas I had a lot of trouble with our regional post office because they refused to hand over my parcel because my ID obviously doesn’t say “Miss Leonie”. A very frustrating experience for me and the lovely santa who ordered the gift and now had to deal with the retour procedure.
I tryed to bypass that problem by changing the shipping address to the address of a close friend.
So you can imagine how wonderstruck I was when lately the postman rang at the dungeon door to hand over a book from my wishlist. The fan who bought it filled in the address by hand instead of using the deposed shipping address. It was pure luck that I was there. Usually I’m not at the dungeon that early. So there I stood with a great book facing the same old problem :D

But a solution came across me some days later.
I had often seen links to a site named Delivery Code at Twitter.
This time I took a closer look and was amazed: On Delivery Code I can add items from nearly every online shop in the world. The buyer picks from my list what he likes and sends the money to Delivery Code. They order it at the shop where it’s listed and send it directly to me.
The buyer doesn’t get my data and I don’t get in touch with his. This way you can stay anonymous if you like to and I can have things send directly to my home address without any fear that a mean post office woman would refuse to hand me the gift you generously chose for me :)
You can also send vouchers like you can on Amazon.

My new wishlist on Delivery Code
Here you can find everything from tea and books to corsets and latex ;)

And for everyone who’s curious: This was the book I got ;)

Lingerie – am I a collector or an addict? ;)

Usually lingerie is made for wearing it under your regular clothes. But it can be so beautiful it would be a shame to hide it! Wearing a stunning set of bra, panties, corset, nylons, garters and high heels doesn’t let me feel naked at all. On the contrary: I feel perfectly dressed to do whatever I want! Marylin Monroe said: “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world!”. I agree but as a busty woman I would like to add: “Give her the right bra too!” ;)
As long as I can remember I am in love with fine and extraordinary underwear. My eyes start to sparkle when I see satin and lace, garters and corsets and sometimes I even start to make sounds that one usually makes when seeing a bunch of baby kittens :D
With my natural grown wonders (bra size EU 80G or UK 36F) finding those lingerie babies is not always easy but that makes it even more special when I get a new set. And sometimes I get a little carried away when it comes to lingerie shopping (especially when there is a red sale sign on it *g*) and than it can be like this:

I don’t appreciate requests for naked sessions (even if I get naked sometimes in tease and denial games but that’s a different topic ;) ) but I have no objection to do a session in lingerie. If you would enjoy a dominant encounter with a dressed to kill lady in underwear: Feel free to ask for it! I’m sure there is more than one of you out there appreciating this offer ;)
Also if you would like to see me in a special set or just want to make me happy: Bring it on! Rather than maybe some other ladies I am not offended by giving underwear :)
So far lingerie (as well as pantyhoses) got a little short shrift in my photo shootings but I hope to change that in the upcoming months. Let’s hope I find the time for it! Until then my wishlist gives a nice orientation of what I like.
But I also would like if you, my dear readers, have any kind of preferred undergarments! This question goes to the gentlemen as well as to the ladies I know reading here too! ;)

To finish this article: What would be an article talking about sexy clothing without a little eye candy, hm?
Here we go, enjoy!

From dawn till Dawn

Last weekends shooting started pretty early in the morning and it was a very long day. Our last set was me in the white latex legging, the black latex corset, long white latex gloves and kneehigh plateau boots. Uh and the little latex collar and tie of course!
When I was all dressed up and looked in the mirror I spontanously thought: “OMG, I am Dawn!”
Am I the only one seeing the dawnesque touch here? *g*
For all who don’t know who am I talking about: M. Linsner’s Dawn

Latex: Isabeau Ouvert
Whip: Victor Tella

Of Thornes and Canes

Evenings that smell like a decadent cocktail of roses, blood, sweat, tears and Armani are good evenings…

I prefer roses with thorns. Of course they can sting you but isn’t that dangerous beauty half the thrill about these flowers? How much can a harmless daisy fascinate you?

You spoil me, I spoil you :)

Usually sentences that start with “Spoil me…” happen to relate to Financial Domination scenarios. That is not what I’m going to talk about here!
I have this idea in mind quite a while now but didn’t found the time to write it down. But let uns start where my thoughts started :)

Some of my guest are really sweet and bring little gifts like chocolate or nylons when the visit me. I really appreciate that and never take it for granted. What’s an even bigger surprise is when I arrive at the studio and a parcel sent by one of my Twitter followers awaits me.

Over the time I recognized that I have a bunch of fans out there who would love to have a real session with me but can most likely never have one because of reasons of time and distance – or sometimes a cute lack of courage *g*
But nevertheless they dream of seeing me in a special pair of shoes, wearing a special latex outfit or weaving an exotic whip – or something completely different. Just use your imaginantion ;)
I decided to make this possible.
I have no interest in selling customized photo sets or scripted video clips. But if a lovely gift reaches me, I will honor it in a proper sexy way!
That means, I would shoot some selfies with it, ask one of my lovely colleagues to do so or even shoot it professionally. Maybe I even could get tempted to produce a little video. Of course that always depends on what it is.

If you conjure a smile on my face I am happy to show it to you and return this favour. Or in other words:
If you spoil me, I will spoil you.
No paying.
Just giving and taking between a Mistress and a slave or two likely minded kinksters. :)